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Another mom, Mandree, has been searching for a job but praises Jesus for providing her every need.


During the free oil change event, Mandree prayed a blessing over our Shawnee auto repair shop. Thanks to our gracious donors, each vehicle serviced received a Hallmark gift back with donated goodies. Click here to see the pictures on our Facebook page. The Monkey Whizz kit comes complete with all the items you need to ace that drug test:.

Passing a drug test with synthetic urine is all about getting the temperature right.

The pee must be at or close to natural body temperature, or F. Strapping the bag close to your body will help maintain it at the right heat level, but you can use heat pads as well. Your run-of-the-mill hand warmers could be too hot and end up overheating the urine. You should always buy Monkey Whizz from a reputable source directly from the authorized dealer. Online shops like Amazon or eBay might offer Monkey Whizz kit at a huge discount, but in this case, you really get what you pay for. You can store Monkey Whizz for up to a year from the date of purchase, as long as it remains unopened.

Once the seal is broken, you need to use the sample right away to retain its freshness. If you absolutely had to, though, you could store it in the fridge for days after opening and it should still work. Unlike other kits that have complicated or hard-to-follow instructions, Monkey Whizz has a really simple 4-step process to passing your drug test:. On the day of your test, tear open one of the heating pads and stick it on the bag. It could overheat and render your sample invalid. The heat pads are designed to work perfectly with the flask.

Secure the belt around your waist. The tube should be pointing downwards.

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Make sure the bag is strapped against your skin to help maintain the correct temperature. Wear the bag for at least an hour before the test.

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Return purchased items and get all your money back. Buy this product and earn 10 special loyalty points! Satisfaction Guaranteed A Strap-on Urinating Device whit a natural lifelike prosthetic penis includes; one sample of synthetic urine if needed , 4 organic heat pads enough for 4 tests , an easy to read temperature strip, a calibrated syringe for easy filling, and detailed instruction. Maintains Sample at perfect body temperature for up to eight hours.

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Monkey Dong Instructions First, close the white exterior safety valve before filling the bladder. This will prevent a possible premature discharge. Use the syringe to measure ml of water into a cup. Add the entire Vial of Synthetic Urine to the cup of water and stir the mixture until completely dissolved.

Draw the Urine into the syringe.

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Then inject the contents into the Bladder. Unfasten the Bladder from the Belt by peeling back the Velcro Strips. Apply one Heat Pad to the side opposite the Temperature Strip. Reattach the bag to the belt with the Velcro Strips. Strap the Belt on with the Temperature strip touching your skin. Wait till the Temperature Strip reads Degrees.

Depending on the initial temperature of the urine, this can take from 40 to 60 minutes. Do not forget to open the Safety Valve before using. Extra Tips Practice first with plain water.

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You can use real urine from any male or female you trust, regardless of their age or pregnancy status. Use warm water to mix the Monkey Urine and it will take less time to heat up. Once the Monkey Urine mixed, use it within 12 hours or it will grow bacteria. The Syringe only holds 60 mls so you will need to split up the measurement.

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Clean out the Monkey Dong with water after each use. Be sure to rinse with plain water. Only use one Heat Pad at a time. Shaking the Heat Pad first will help it heat up faster. The Heat Pad will last up to 8 hours and never overheat or burn you. It is made to heat to body temperature. Your body is the main heat source. It is necessary to wear the Monkey Dong, with the Bladder against your bare skin, in order to heat the sample.

The interior Squeeze Valve is very secure and will not leak.

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The exterior white Safety Switch is only there for added security. Be sure to check the temperature before delivery.

click The temperature strip should read degree. This product is NOT edible. More Information. Reviews Customer Reviews.