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After you print the coupons, use a paper cutter to cut them down to size. Make sure to leave about an extra 1 inch on the left side, so you can make them into a booklet. I forgot the hole punch step in the pictures, so I had to pull the tape off and punch the holes. Then, add the tape back on, just like these pictures below.

Valentine’s Date Night Idea Printable Coupons

Make sure to cut the hole punch in the tape as well. I placed the booklet halfway in the middle of the tape. Then, I cut it lengthwise, so it would be easy to fold over. You can find them in the scrapbook section. They have a quite a few shelves right in front of the checkouts full of mini bottles. I found six of them will fit nicely in a quart-sized wide mouth mason jar. This is such a cool craft. That coupon book looks really cute!

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It looks like you bought it somewhere- not made it yourself! Great job!

DIY Accordion Envelope Book - Anniversary Love Coupons - Free Printables

Oh you naughty girl you. Couples should always enjoy each other. Thanks for the fun and romantic ideas. What a simple yet highly appreciated gift!

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Love the addition of the mini bottles to the coupon book. This is a cute gift especially for couples. This is such a great idea! Any guy whould totally enjoy this gift. I wish I had a man to make this naughty coupon book!

Date Night Gift Ideas – Printable Love Coupons

I love the creativity and I am sure those spirits will get any couple in the frisky spirit! Kudos on a fantastic DIY project! Really love it! Thanks for sharing how to do it! Now this is pretty awesome. This is a perfect DIY Valentines gift! This is very creative DIY Valentines gift for your significant other, what a great idea by creating it with a Mason jar, very cooool!!

Thank you for sharing! That is so awesome.

Pinned and shared, I bet there a lot of people that would love to use these, they are very well done! Thanks so much, Nikki! You are so right, these would be great even for older kids. Thanks so much for sharing! Such a great idea! Thank you for the free printable. Do you have a coupon template for any other occasions?

Birthdays would be perfect! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Or maybe volunteer to help the budding gardener plant a flowerbed. Is there a chore the person really hates to do? Make a coupon that gives them a day off from it! Is there a project the person has been putting off? Maybe a coupon offering to help them out will give them the motivation they need to finish it! Surprise them! Give a coupon for something completely out of the ordinary that they would never expect!

Thank you for sharing them on the HomeMattersParty. Thanks, Jeanne! Oh my goodness! These are so cute!