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This might sound a little crazy, but stores are smart. They know that if they can get something in front of us, we're more likely to grab what is convenient so they put more expensive items at eye-level. Don't fall for that trick! Make sure to compare prices and get the best price and quality for your family! You know they charge an arm and a leg for produce that is already cut up and packaged so nice.

It doesn't take too long to cut your own produce. Plus, fruits and veggies that are already cut will not last as long and are far more likely to go bad before you can use them up.

11 Ways to Immediately Save Money on Groceries

Part of saving money on groceries is cooking your own meals and being super smart and strategic about it. Again, don't forget to use up what you have available in your fridge first! A HUGE tip for you is to store your food so that it won't go bad on you before you can use it. Storing your food right is such a smart and easy way to make sure your food lasts longer and you don't let anything go to waste.

Here are a bunch of tips for storing food.

Work the Grocery Store Sales Cycles to Save Big

You can freeze all kinds of things so that they are still fresh and delicious once you're ready to eat them. Check out these tips for all the things you can freeze. If you are cooking… you might as well cook extra for another meal for a crazy night, or a night where you just don't feel like cooking. It will probably save your life… or at least your sanity, am I right? Use every drop of what you have and always make a meal plan based off of what you already have on hand.

Our brand new site is dedicated to helping you cook delicious, nutritious and budget-friendly meals for your family without slaving away in the kitchen!

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Basically every parent's dream, right? Contact About Advertise. We've got some tips and tricks that will help you save BIG on grocery shopping without using coupons… I mean, don't get me wrong, we all need to eat.

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Here are the reasons why I don't believe in couponing, even on a casual level: Takes too much time. Not only the several hours it takes collecting and clipping the coupons and comparing them to current store deals, but it can double your time in the grocery store too.

Limits what you're able to buy. Sure, I might be able to get 16 boxes of tampons for free this week…but what if I really need celery and italian seasoning? Coupons are typically for processed pantry foods. The most expensive items in your cart food-wise are typically meat, produce, and dairy. And coupons don't typically cover many, if any, of those.

Track Your Budget. Only Go Shopping 1X per week. Plan Your Meals. Two ways: Check the junk mail ads.

I used to do it and it takes a little time, but works fine. Take the ads for the stores you like to shop at, and focus on the front and back pages mostly. Check out the deals and prices and circle or take note of what the good deals are that week, and stock up on them. Out of the three grocers on this list, Coles offers Australians the most types of ways you can save money.

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Visit the Coles voucher page here. Home Categories Food and Drink Grocery. Related Categories: Restaurant. Beer and Wine. Woolworths Promo Code Expiry: 1 week from now. We've opened the store in a new tab or window, for you to complete your shopping. If the store page did not open, you can click here to shop. Each time you get back from the store, review your receipts to find the most expensive items.

Can you substitute something else, or a different brand, next week? There are tons of pantry staple recipes you can make yourself for much less money.

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Then use them wisely. Stick to frequenting one grocery store, and take advantage of their loyalty program. Opt for the self-checkout line. Compare different brands, and different amounts between brands, to score the best deal. Need a bite before you go? We recommend one of our protein-packed salads.