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Clearly Contacts is a highly successful e-tailer of glasses, contacts and sunglasses that recently opened their first store on Robson St.

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They run a variety of popular promotions using coupon offers on their website. This offer pictured above is displayed on a banner in the middle of their site. The banner switches between this promotion and their two other ongoing promotions. Coupon offers are a major driver of traffic to their website.

Avoid marketing mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Besides stimulating sales of existing stock a great way to clear out seasonal inventory! Most people wear sunglasses in the summer, and many people who wear glasses sometimes wear contacts and vice versa.

Having coupon offers for all three product segments entices customers to make a purchase of more than one type of product. Clearly Contacts is uniquely positioned to up-sell to its customers as well as they sell all of their products for a significantly lower mark-up than their competitors. Jays is a successful retailer of urban fashion that has 19 stores in the New York Metro area. They also sell an extensive amount of product online, under a separate ownership and operation. Using a coupon code makes it easy to track the success of each separate coupon offer.

Banana Republic is a fashion retailer geared towards professionals. They are part of the Gap. Inc group which also operates Gap and Old Navy. They show their coupons on the top navigation bar of their website, as you can see above. This is a way of reducing purchase anxiety. When customers know that they can bring it back with no problem if they need to , they feel less pressured and are further persuaded to make a purchase.

Banana Republic changes their coupon offers often enough that customers do not become discount reliant. Also, it keeps their offers new and interesting and instills a sense of urgency while not being offered for too limited a time to capitalize on interest customers.

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Displaying a coupon offer for a week at a time, a couple of times a month is a great way to encourage purchases, especially from new buyers. Offer Valid in Canada Only. Their goal with this coupon was clear- to drive traffic into stores and to encourage repeat purchase.

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By encouraging traffic into store, you poach your online sales which is risky, as many customers may fail to follow through and then traffic into store is not gained but a website purchase is lost. Set goals with your coupons. Do you want to entice first time buyers?

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  4. Do you want to increase purchase volume? Are you hoping to drive traffic into stores?

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    When appealing to new customers, an open return policy is a way to alleviate customers concerns about making a purchase. This is especially strong online as many customers have concerns about items turning out the same way they appear online and as they are advertised. It suggests that your company is credible and believes in the quality of their products.

    A free shipping offer with a minimum purchase can be used to entice any website visitor to make a purchase online right away. Shipping costs are a big deterrent for many customers. When creating a coupon code, the best thing to do is to keep the code simple. The shorter, the better and avoid nonsensical strings of numbers and letters that will be difficult for customers to remember and correctly input. You can recuperate the cost of these discounts by stimulating higher spending. The header of your website is particularly eye-catching, like where Evo, Dr.

    Another option is on a banner, as Clearly Contacts chose to place their coupons. Banner displays work particularly well when there are many offers at one time. It is great to prominently display a coupon on your homepage and header, especially if it is a universally appealing promotion such as free shipping or a set discount on all orders. However, if you retail a wide variety of products, it is strategic to display different offers that will attract different customers.

    This is a good place to centrally place all of your offers. Earlier you saw that Dr. Put another way, experience may be a bigger factor in effective discounting than savings. The mental rush associated with saving money is well established. However, some studies indicate the excitement of redeeming a coupon is greater than simply paying less for a product that is not discounted.

    The Myths of TLC’s “Extreme Couponing” – How Couponing Really Works

    It comes down to power. According to the findings, more than two-thirds of shoppers will buy a product only if they have a coupon for it. This makes that product an added item. On the other hand, EDLP gives merchants better control of inventory management, forecasting and related expenses.

    The takeaway is that when it comes to shopper preferences on price, people want the power. History indicates this as well as the research. Remember what happened when J. Keeping these points in mind, following are three takeaways for all retailers, as well as product makers, based on the research findings:. What this all boils down to is the experience.